Adult Arabic Class

Dear students ,

Please note : you have a second chance to pass your test on April 21st.

I wish good luck and happy spring break 




Dear Students,

You did really great job yesterday March 31st :

👉Practicing with Shadda ;

👉Bulding your Arabic sentence using Adjectives, Gender and demonstrative pronouns. 

Proud of you and should to be proud of your self👍👍👌👌




Dear Students,

On Sunday 24th We learned about :

1) Shadda as a symbol written above a letter to show that the letter has been doubled and therefore sounds stronger.

2) Gender in Arabic is Masculine or Féminine مذكر ومؤنث ( with liste)

3) Adjectives الصفات (with List)

In Chaa Allah will review everything this coming Sunday and please feel free to send me an email or call me if you need any help.



Dear Students,

Soo sorry if the last lesson was little hard for some of you but don’t worry we’ll work more on it this coming Sunday Inshaa Allah  Allah😉

Little review to all of you :

On February the 24 we learned  about Demonstrative pronouns in Arabic اسماء الاشاره

Arabic has many more demonstrative than English due to masculine and feminine differentiation and due to the dual case 

So in Arabic  we find 10 demonstrative p. Compare to only 4 in English :

1) demonstrative pronouns (near) اسماء الاشاره للقريب 

هذا : haatha for the masculine singular ;

هذه : hathihi for Feminine singular ;

هذان : hathani for masculine Dual

هاتان : hatani for feminine dual ;

هؤلاء : haolae for masculine and feminine plural

2) Demonstrative pronouns (distant) اسماء الاشاره للبعيد :

👉To be continued next week unshaven Allah

- My dictionary we learned 4 new words in Arabic

مفرد / مثنى جمع

عاقل / غير عاقل 

قريب / بعيد

Please feel free to call me or send an email if you need any help.

Thank you