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  Dear Parents:

April is an Al-Iman School fundraising month. We did other fundraising projects throughout the month and we are looking for your support. Alhumdulillah we started with our 1st Fundraising, Spring Carnival, and it turned out well thank to Allah and you!

Now we are on our 2nd project, Penny Bank Fundraising, where each class will help school to raise fund. This Sunday, April 28, L1B, L4 and L6 will have their bake sale during lunch and after the school. We are asking for your support and generosity. See you tomorrow!

 K1 are so excited to begin working on our class project. We have chosen to do the penny bank fundraising and the bake sale, we are asking you to please donate a bake good for next Sunday, May 5, 2019 to support in raising monies for our School.

Keep in mind that we are winding down the year and our Exams are May 12, 2019, if you need them to take the exam early please let Myself and Miss Gulwich know ahead of time. Our grading scale is the Exams is 60% of their final grade, then 20% is homework, and 20% classwork.

If they don’t take the Exam, they will only have 40% of a final grade on their report card.

The exam will consist of:

  • Allah – Belief in Allah, and memorize the 3 names that were giving,
  • Angles – Their names and their duties to Allah
  • Prayers – how to preform salat and make wudu
  • Books – the name of the books and which Prophet that had them
  • Prophets – what duties did Prophet Adam, Prophet Nuh, and Prophet Muhammad carry out for Allah.
  • Know what Zakat, Saum, hajj, Qiyaamah, Qada and Qadar means to a Muslim.


Look for their Study guide tonigh on Al Imaan school web site  http://alimanschool.net/ I will also give out one Next Sunday



  • Study the study guides that were giving in the beginning of the year. 
  • Color in the Children’s Stories from the Quran pages 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, and 56 read to them about Nuh.
  • Download the Prayer milestone chart and study with the student, this is their grading post.
Due date